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  1. Marketplace Classifieds
    I sold my 2016 CCLB diesel that was deleted. I have the following parts left over, make me a reasonable offer. Email or phone is the best way to contact me. [email protected] or 503-840-0827. I'm in the Sherwood, OR (Portland) area. -Stock turbo, removed @ ~20,000 miles for a blackbird...
    $1 USD
  2. Diesel
    Good Day All, Just wondering if anybody on here has found a boost reference on our little duramax engines. Agreed its easier to plug an insight in. But I am going to be adding a mechanical pyrometer probe and gauge, and want the same for boost. Then I will have the insight for other values...
  3. 2nd Gen Chevrolet Colorado Forum / 2015 GMC Canyon
    I currently have a 2016 Canyon with the V6 and 6 speed auto that I've got close to 90K miles on it already. I know I'll want to get a new one in the next year or two but have a few items that are concerning to me. I prefer the 2WD Crew Cab with a long bed... seems GMC has decided in their...
  4. General Truck Chat
    Looking to upgrade my daily driver with some mods (2019 Colorado 3.6L). Was wondering how to get more gas mileage and was in a heavy debate between turbo and supercharger. Let the debate begin.
1-4 of 4 Results