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  1. General Truck Chat
    I bought an 2020 WT and I am trying to find out if I can install right hand steering wheel controls into the steering wheel. Is there hookups for it? Thank you for your time.
  2. 2nd Gen Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Problem: When starting or in operation, truck power steering and stabilitytrack system just stops working. Was able to safely drive truck to shoulder of highway, but was completely in manual steering mode. When I turned truck off and restarted, all lights cleared and problem went away (all...
  3. Technical Questions / Tips / How To
    Hey, I'm helping my son replace the steering rack in his Colorado, and the one place that we're running into some trouble is slipping the lower steering shaft U-joint off of the input shaft in the rack. It took some doing, but we got the pinch bolt loose, but now we're not able to slip the...
  4. 1st Gen Care - Cleaning / Detailing / Maintenance
    After I got my alignment, my 05 canyon started to squeal as if it was out of alignment. I checked the toe with toe plates and it had a toe out of 1in. This was over the span of 1 month and two alignments. I have installed re indexed torsion keys, 3in fabtech spindles, new Silverado inner tie...
  5. 2nd Gen Engines and Technical Discussion
    Just bought brand new 2021 gmc canyon at4. The speedometer never goes down to zero and while driving the speedometer always runs about 2 mph higher than digital read out. Steering wheel also offset about 5 degrees to the left. Anyone else experience this and have any tips?
  6. General Truck Chat
    I have a used 2004 GMC Canyon and when I inherited it, it had a 4" Tuff Country Lift kit the model number for that kit is Model #. 14045 . My issue is I ran off the road to dodge a deer and cracked the right hand side steering knuckle and they do not have any replacement parts for it anywhere I...
  7. 1st Gen Modifications - Suspension
    What’s up and aloha! First time here, got an 05 collie beautiful as the sunrise, she a work truck I purchased with 205k miles and still strong as hell cept she sounds like a moped when your accelerating 😂😂 Anyway, area of concern is the steering is sloppy and loose, seriously sketch going 40mph...
1-7 of 7 Results