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  1. 2nd Gen Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Recently I noticed that both of my reverse lights are stuck on, in park and in drive. They get brighter when truck is placed into reverse. The bulbs are LED. I also noticed the when the vehicle is started the lights start out very dim and get a little brighter. There is a flicker to it. Could...
  2. General Truck Chat
    Just like it says my back up camera says service rear vision system with a black screen behind it and the reverse lights are not working as well. Both just happened at the same time. It’s a 2016 Chevy Colorado please help thank you.
  3. General Truck Chat
    My driver's side reverse light won't come on when I reverse..changed the bulb & that still doesn't help..can someone tell me what might be the problem?
1-3 of 3 Results