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  1. General Truck Chat
    Was getting vibrations when accelerating or even just holding a constant speed. Vibrations weren’t constant, there was like a rhythmic cadence to them. Took it to one mechanic who changed the tie rods in the front and brakes/rotors. No fix. They forwarded to dealership who thought it was tire...
  2. General Truck Chat
    Hey there, I have an 05’ Chevy Colorado 2 Door. Now I’m on a road trip across country in AL right now and I stopped at a hotel. I went to put the emergency brake on and it didn’t fully worked and went backwards (I’m on a hill backed in). I went to check under the hood to see if anything was...
  3. Technical Questions / Tips / How To
    So I’m on here to ask a few questions along the way, but long story short I got a 2012 Colorado with the 4 cylinder. It rear ended someone and I decided to try repairing it. Just the drivers airbag was blown. And as far as I can tell after having torn it down the engine is ok, I’ve decided to...
1-3 of 3 Results