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  1. 2nd Gen Chevrolet Colorado Forum / 2015 GMC Canyon
    So, I can't seem to find this info anywhere, but what are you guys on 35's or even 33's getting for fuel mileage? And did Re-Gearing help and if so how much? I'm currently in a 285/70 and get around 12-13mpg in town and can squeeze 18mpg in the highway. I'm thinking about upping my size to a...
  2. 2nd Gen Tires, Wheels, and Suspension
    Are there any gear kits to regear a 2021 Chevy Colorado ZR2 if I choose to go with 35 or 37" tires? 35s I might be able to get away with 4.10, but for 37s I would need a regear for sure, right?
  3. General Truck Chat
    Do I have to regear if I went with 33" tires? What are the Pros and Cons of doing so. I mostly drive on highways and hilly roads with the occasional gravel roads.
1-3 of 3 Results