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  1. 2nd Gen Interior
    Apologies for the dumb question, but, I just ordered my truck and cannot reference anything myself. Is the storage under the rear seats in the Crew Cab removable? I only ordered a crew cab because the V6 is no longer available in the Extended Cab. I have no need or want for a rear seat. In my...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Looking at making my new (to me) 2018 Chevy Colorado extended cab more perfect for me. I'm on this forum looking for ideas to make the useless back seats usable for my older dog to ride with me. I'm also looking at either capper for camping or pulling a small camper. Lots of good ideas so...
  3. 2nd Gen How-To & Tutorials
    Cargo Net: Ebay Item Title: Abn Cargo Net With Fasteners And Hardware, 24 X 45In (Stretches To 60In Long) Folded the net in half. Clipped bottom corner of net to seat anchor and then stretched to the mounting points. I was looking for the right slack in the net and a flat area big enough for the...
1-3 of 3 Results