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  1. 2nd Gen Engines and Technical Discussion
    Hey everyone, I have recently started modifying my 2015 Colorado LT and I am looking into a new exhaust system. Originally I was thinking the Magnaflow Overland series, but I was wondering if the MBRP exhaust would still sound and perform as good? I would have to make some modifications to...
  2. 2nd Gen Tires, Wheels, and Suspension
    Hey once again, First off, I have the Readylift 2" leveling kit with the sway bar relocation bracket; I plan to ONLY use the relocation bracket. Now, I plan on getting Eibach Pro-Truck Coilover Stage 2 kit and the 1" rear block. I either want to do 2" or 2.5 front with the 1 block on the rear...
  3. 2nd Gen Tires, Wheels, and Suspension
  4. General Truck Chat
    Are the Chevy brand weather proof mats any good!
  5. Technical Questions / Tips / How To
    Hi all, I'm brand new here, ecstatic to have found this forum, as I just recently became a colorado owner and plan on doing a lot of work on it in the coming months. I've got a 2010 Chevy Colorado, and right now I'm looking to put a trailer hitch kit on it, as when I bought it it didn't have...
1-5 of 5 Results