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  1. Technical Questions / Tips / How To
    Hey guys I need some help. So when I bought my Colorado, the owner before me ran a flex pipe from the cat, to a muffler, then to the tail. They took away one of the O2 sensors in the process so now the plug is just hanging there. Is there a way for me to buy a dummy type deal to just plug into...
  2. 2nd Gen Engines and Technical Discussion
    Hey everyone, I’ve been getting a code for low voltage to the bank 2 sensor 1 O2 sensor and I can not figure it out. I’ve changed the sensor and also tested it (it’s fine) and I’ve checked the wiring and fuses. Can’t find any issues there either. Not sure what it could be or what to check next...
  3. 2nd Gen Engines and Technical Discussion
    First post here hoping I am posting in the right location. I have a 2016 Colorado V4 LT and auto zone ran the diagnostic and I have a bad o2 sensor (bank 1 sensor 2). I bought a new one and I am wondering if anyone has insight into where bank 1 sensor 2 is located? I have searched around for...
1-3 of 3 Results