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  1. Diesel
    Hi all, My ‘18 canyon with 85k mi recently gave me a “low oil warning” after I changed the oil only 1000 miles ago. It’s now more than 3 quarts low. It’s been burning about a quart or two every 8,000mi up till now. The truck isn’t leaking oil on the ground anywhere and isn’t bellowing blue...
  2. Videos/Photos
    2017 Colorado 2.8 LWN Acceleration Sounds
  3. Videos/Photos
    If its lowered or tuned lets see the street trucks! Here's mine; 2016 Colorado LT4x4 Mods- ADP DSP4 Tuning ADP TCM Tuning ADP Carbon Fiber Intake ADP Catch Can ADP CCV Reroute Banks Power iDash 1.8 Datamonster Banks Power Sensor Package Belltech SP999 Lowering Kit Block8Head Carbon Fiber Vent...
1-3 of 3 Results