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  1. 2nd Gen Interior
    Hi All - new member here and first time poster. I have a 2019 ZR2 and really enjoy the truck, however, the interior storage leave much to be desired. I'm curious what other members here have done to improve this, whether DIY or aftermarket? I'm interested in removing the plastic organizer under...
  2. 2nd Gen Off-Roading
    I have a 2016 Canyon SLT dmax 4x4 and am looking to replace the G80 locker setup with a lunchbox locker. I run an Aussie locker in the rear my Toyota crawler and it has proven itself unbeatable time and time again, but I don't see an option on their site for our trucks, or any other...
  3. 2nd Gen Off-Roading
    Been looking around all over here and the internet trying to figure out what front differentials are in our non-zr2 trucks. Trying to find spline count and actual model of the front differential. Looking to do some sort of locker, but just want to see what else is out there for our trucks aside...
1-3 of 3 Results