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  1. 2nd Gen Off-Roading
    Well after using this forum for information for a while I decided to actually post here. Now I know that this has been covered a couple of times on here but I decided to just kinda share how I did it as well as give anyone wishing to do themself a DXF to give to a fab shop to make the bracket or...
  2. 2nd Gen Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Are brighter LED bulbs in the cargo lights going to light up areas outside and around the truck? Or are they really focused directly into the bed?
  3. 2nd Gen Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Does anyone know of a 30-in light bar for the front grill that can be wired to operate the flood and driving beams on separate switches? Preferably in the $200-500 range.
  4. 2nd Gen How-To & Tutorials
    Hello everyone, I recently completed my custom headlight for my 2020 Chevrolet Colorado LT and wanted to show off a bit (but actually share some information I learned along the way to help anyone else who might be interested in doing it themselves). I will provide links to everything I...
  5. Marketplace Classifieds
    I have a black OEM colorado sports bar with OEM lights. I'm not a huge fan of it but I got a good deal on the truck. I looked up the value from OEM GM dealers and it looks like $800 for the bar and $800 for the light kit. Since i wont be tearing apart my wireing to take this off it will be the...
1-5 of 5 Results