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  1. 1st Gen Engine Talk - I4, I5, and V8
    It was running before I began working on what I thought was routine maintenance. Last thing I did was remove the throttle body, clean it, and put it back. Afterward it simply refused to run. It will turn over, rev a little, but then immediately dies. Won't idle at all. When I remove the fuel...
  2. 1st Gen Engine Talk - I4, I5, and V8
    Good afternoon Colorado Community, I have a 07 LT1 3.7L that I acquired and was involved in a front drivers side accident. I had to replace the fan, fan clutch, radiator, ac compressor along with the grill and hood. I also replaced the battery with a new one. After replacing all the parts, I...
  3. Technical Questions / Tips / How To
    Good day Troops, I picked up a new to me 2009 GMC Canyon. Its a 2WD with the 2.9L engine and a 5 speed Manual transmission with extended cab and full box (WT I think). Mileage is just around 175Km (I'm in Canada so Mileage will be in Km) The windows are manual and so I expect the door locks...
1-3 of 3 Results