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  1. Diesel
    I just recently purchased a 2016 2.8L that was tuned by previous owner. It has had a tune installed and I need to pass emissions. Truck did not come with a tuner so I do not have the stock files. Does anyone know where I might acquire them. Thank you
  2. 2nd Gen Engines and Technical Discussion
    Does anyone know why the v6 has so many emissions issues? I been to the dealer 3 times now, this 3rd time is for code P0024. The guy at the service department told me that it has to do with the exhaust. No to be fair, does it have to do with mileage? My truck is a 2018 Canyon LBCC with as of now...
  3. Diesel
    Good evening all, After having my truck back for less than 2 weeks (fewer than 1000kms driven, including the 180kms each way to the dealership) rom the last extended stay at the dealer. It has once again crapped its pants. All mechanical issues have been emissions control related. 2 changes of...
  4. 2nd Gen How-To & Tutorials
    I have a 2016 Z71 with just under 45k miles on it. A couple of weeks ago my emissions gauge / check engine light came on my dash display. Also, my remote start stopped working (I guess as an extra indicator that I needed the truck serviced). The manual suggests that you have the truck...
1-4 of 4 Results