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  1. 2nd Gen How-To & Tutorials
    Hello everyone, I recently completed my custom headlight for my 2020 Chevrolet Colorado LT and wanted to show off a bit (but actually share some information I learned along the way to help anyone else who might be interested in doing it themselves). I will provide links to everything I...
  2. 1st Gen Modifications - Styling
    Hey guys. Here’s a rack I built on top of my bed rails to haul longer items like lumber or my small boat. It’s 5x5 like the bed, and has a 2 foot section that overhangs the cab. It occurred to me that I could fit toolboxes in there sideways for extra storage, so I did! Super useful.
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys! Here’s my 2010 Canyon Z85 4x4. I built the rack and toolboxes myself, got tired of having no space but wanted to keep the utility of my bed (which is short to begin with). They’re just normal truck bed toolboxes that I mounted on their side in a large rack I built to also haul long...
  4. 2nd Gen Appearance & Body
    I took the Chevy Bison grill and put in some led Backlighting behind the Chevrolet lettering. It now glows red it's looks amazing just wanted to share because I'm so proud of how it turned out #builtnotbought Took a lot of testing and custom prices to make it the way it is 👌👌 would love some...
  5. 2nd Gen Appearance & Body
    I'd like to remove some of the interior trim so I can paint it anybody have any idea for the best and easiest way to do this Just the silver trim on the steering wheel
1-5 of 5 Results