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  1. Diesel
    I have been looking to buy a new-to-me diesel colorado. I've been looking for a few months and found a 17-crew cab with 146k miles, for 21k purchase price. I do know that they can tend to have a few issues around that mileage. I have read about both timing belt and transmission issues. I also...
  2. 1st Gen Care - Cleaning / Detailing / Maintenance
    Need assistance locating part# 25861789 it is weather stripping for a 06 Colorado crew cab. Wholesale gm parts states it is discontinued. Is there a universal one I could buy from Amazon or anywhere? Thank you in advance
  3. Marketplace Classifieds
    Just bought this truck and have no need for the cover. All parts included and in working condition. For crew cab model.
    $650 USD
  4. Marketplace Classifieds
    Spring cleaning the garage so here’s a do it yourself deal! I have a set of N-Fab RS 2” steps that were on my truck for about 6 months and ultimately I decided I didn’t care for the look. Bought them last August and took them off this past February. Here’s the “do it yourself” part: after 1...
    $120 USD
  5. Marketplace Classifieds
    Selling the Canyon and getting rid of some fun stuff! Pickup in Sebastopol, CA or ask about shipping. DeeZee 5' Heavy Duty Bed Mat - $80 GM OEM Rear lift blocks with OEM longer U-bolts - $80 Shipped Street Rays Front Sway Bar Drop Kit - $25 Shipped
    $80 USD
  6. General Truck Chat
    Hey all, New to the community. Not the truck. I am looking to install a set of Bison flares on my 19' colorado crew cab long box. I jumped the gun and ordered them already (aev parts sales assured me they fit..) Has this been done and i cant find the thread? If anyone can help a guy out...
  7. Marketplace Classifieds
    Hi all, As my name implies, I live in Sacramento, CA. I'm selling my almost new subwoofers that fit under the seat of my crew cab. They sound amazing. I'm selling because I made a slight upgrade to the speakers. The box was custom built for the crew cab. Below are the details...... $400...
  8. General Truck Chat
    Hey everyone. First post here. I just bought a brand new fully loaded 2019 Colorado crew cab, and I am very happy with the truck so far. One thing I noticed though, is that the MPG is really, really low. This truck is suppose to get 17 city / 24 highway. I drive both city and highway, but mostly...
  9. 1st Gen Modifications - Performance
    I am hoping to get insight before I buy a set soon. Mostly road miles, local and some out of town driving. Florida panhandle region, so we can run across some soft shoulders and sandy areas. Stock for this truck is P225/75 - 15. I have stock 15" rims on it now. I want upgrade with something...
1-10 of 10 Results