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  1. 2nd Gen Appearance & Body
    Hi there, I have a 2019 Canyon SLT which has a chrome grill and chrome surround. I want to change to a body color surround and black grille. Online on GM part websites I'm finding grille assemblies with a paint to match surround and black grille for around $500 before shipping. On ebay I'm...
  2. 2nd Gen Appearance & Body
    Looking to swap my current chrome surround/chrome grill out on '19 canyon SLT with a Red Quartz Tintcoat surround and black gloss grill. I can find this part combination online in many other colors but not mine. I called a dealership this afternoon and they said the part has been discontinued...
  3. 1st Gen Modifications - Styling
    I have 2007 Colorado and the upper bumper and bar on grille is chrome, how do I go about de chroming it along with the Chevy badge on the grille. Would it be more cost efficient to de chrome the bumper and by an aftermarket grille that is black?
  4. 2nd Gen Appearance & Body
    Hello all, Just picked up a 2021 Canyon Denali, crew cab, long bed 4x4 and I am not a fan of chrome myself, however I thought that might make a great opportunity for someone on here that does. I would like to swap the following chrome parts off of my truck for yours, however yours will need to...
  5. 2nd Gen Appearance & Body
    Hey guys! I've searched the forum for a few days now looking for anything on the rear half door windows on extended cabs. I know the big doors have the torx screw in it, but I cannot find anything about the back doors and the trim piece looks like it is molded into the window. Does anyone know...
1-5 of 5 Results