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  1. 3rd Gen Colorado/Canyon Builds
    I am making the final decisions about my new Canyon order. Upgrading from a 2018 CCSB Z71, I have been waffling between AT4 and Denali trims. I am certain that either will serve my purposes. I am leaning Denali only because I frequently do long highway hauls, so I favor good road manners to off...
  2. Marketplace Classifieds
    Selling a set of Chrome sidesteps off of my 2019 GMC Canyon Denali, Crew Cab Short Bed. Part No. : 84157153. These will also fit the Colorados. They are in excellent condition. Steps removed at about 25k miles so I could replace them with the ZR2 sliders (they look KILLER). Includes all...
  3. 2nd Gen Colorado/Canyon Builds
    Hey guys! A few weeks back I finally had a lift kit along with wheels and tires installed on my Canyon. I believe all mods are done lol. I don’t have any future mods lined up for the truck. I am completely happy how the truck turned out. Below are the list of mods and pictures to show from...
  4. 2nd Gen Appearance & Body
    Hello all, Just picked up a 2021 Canyon Denali, crew cab, long bed 4x4 and I am not a fan of chrome myself, however I thought that might make a great opportunity for someone on here that does. I would like to swap the following chrome parts off of my truck for yours, however yours will need to...
  5. Marketplace Classifieds
    I am in the market for a 2019 driver's side leather seat out of a 2019 Colorado ZR2 or Canyon Denali with 6 way power. IM me if you have one or know where I might find one in good shape. Much appreciated. Andrew
1-5 of 5 Results