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  1. Technical Questions / Tips / How To
    I have an Isuzu i280 with the 2.8L 4 cylinder and 5 speed manual trans. I’ve been driving it for about 15k miles now, my dad drove it around 100k before that. Sitting at 234k today. It idles very poorly, and everything I do has had little to no effect at best and worsens often. I’m getting codes...
  2. 2nd Gen Engines and Technical Discussion
    2019 V6 - Occasionally (randomly), when starting up, I get a thud (mis-fire, or mini-back fire, or bump) in what feels like one of the cylinders in the engine. This occurs very randomly, and directly as soon as I let off the ignition key. The service shop so far has not been able to replicate...
1-2 of 2 Results