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  1. General Truck Chat
    Hey everyone , I'm on the hunt for a 1st Gen 4x4 on a super tight budget ... I came accross one that is perfectly in budget but comes with trade offs of course. Mechanically he says it's been good , always reliable , he's the third owner . One of the previous owners was a tree faller so it...
  2. 2nd Gen Engines and Technical Discussion
    Hello and good day, two months ago I purchased a 2017 GMC Canyon with 53,000 on it from wilsons . It came clean and mean with no issues. I recently got my first oil change at Bennetts Cadillac Chevrolet Gmc, since I have owned it as its my first finance and vehicle. It was about 5-6 days and...
  3. 2nd Gen Tires, Wheels, and Suspension
    This is my first time going about lifting a truck and I’m trying to learn as I go. In short my issue is I’m stuck going back and forth between getting just a 4” lift with who know what wheel or tire, or 5”(5.5”) with 33’s Now, being it is my first time I’m looking more for opinions and advice...
1-3 of 3 Results