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  1. 2nd Gen Engines and Technical Discussion
    Well after crossing the 200k mile mark on my 2015 3.6l it appears something has failed in my high pressure fuel pump which is causing gas to leak into the crank case. I'll be replacing the pump later today. I'm wondering if anyone has a diagram showing the location of the pump? Also if there's...
  2. Marketplace Classifieds
    Ended up parting ways with my '17 Z71 3.6L and am looking to find a new home for the AFE intake that was on it. The system has less than 5,000 miles on it, is in great condition, makes nice sounds, and actually improves throttle response. All parts and manuals are here. Looking for local pickup...
  3. 2nd Gen Engines and Technical Discussion
    I have a 2018 Colorado 3.6 v6 with 33k miles, I have a click noise on the passenger side engine and was told it was the purge valve solenoid and I was wondering where that’s located if someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it
  4. 2nd Gen Engines and Technical Discussion
    Hi Everyone - I have a 2019 ZR2 with the 3.6L gas engine (16k miles). I noticed that there are random times when the vehicle shifts up/down aggressively, hard enough for the entire vehicle to jolt. FWIW I noticed it happens more when I am accelerating up hill and feels like a gear slips during...
  5. General Truck Chat
    I have a 2018 Colorado 4 door z71 3.6 v6 with 32,300k miles still under manufacturing warranty and an extended warranty till 100k through my local Chevy dealership and when In overdrive under acceleration it has a shudder and kinda shakey also shifts hard when putting it in reverse or drive from...
1-5 of 5 Results