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  1. Technical Questions / Tips / How To
    I have just purchased my first canyon about 3 months ago and just recently I've had the EGR replaced because of coolant leaking. So I got in my truck and it started up just fine no issues but I had one issue pop up on the dash saying (water in fuel) so I drained the fuel filers and replaced them...
  2. Diesel
    I've read several older threads on the captioned codes (or similar, anyways), figured I would start a new thread. My truck is tuned, but with emissions equipment in tact, with a SPADE tuner from Did that at 60k miles, now at 96,000. Issues started around 92,000 miles. 4...
  3. Diesel
    So I just did a tune and delete on my ‘18 and the install/ fit of the Flo Pro exhaust was… meh at best. The flange on the down pipe seemed to be welded slightly off. When torqued down the down pipe touches the frame rail slightly… exhaust hangers/isolators were off and they required stretching...
  4. Diesel
    Hey guys ! I’ve been reading the forums and looking at everyone’s rig, I have a 2020 zr2 2.8 duramax Under 35k miles sadly I finally had to made an account u see these ugly circumstances. I work a lot out of town so I see my truck once or twice a week, I drove it 30 miles and I got a...
  5. Diesel
    I have been looking to buy a new-to-me diesel colorado. I've been looking for a few months and found a 17-crew cab with 146k miles, for 21k purchase price. I do know that they can tend to have a few issues around that mileage. I have read about both timing belt and transmission issues. I also...
  6. Diesel
    I just recently purchased a 2016 2.8L that was tuned by previous owner. It has had a tune installed and I need to pass emissions. Truck did not come with a tuner so I do not have the stock files. Does anyone know where I might acquire them. Thank you
1-6 of 6 Results