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  1. 2nd Gen Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Installed a Kicker VSS subwoofer package (19333507) in my 2017 Chevy Colorado yesterday. Install went great, went step by step took longer than anticipated but no broken clips etc... Here's the issue. With the key in the on position the sound quality is great, but as soon as I start the truck...
  2. Gas

    General Truck Chat
    Hey CF !!! I was wondering if anyone has used unleaded 88/E15 gas before? Gas station said it’s eco gas and is a little less expensive per gallon vs regular unleaded. Would you recommend to use it or not to, Let me know your experience with it or thoughts.
  3. General Truck Chat
    Hey all! I have come across a set of 2017 Chevy Colorado Running Boards, GM Part Number 23413863 10.July.2017. I am not really a truck guy myself, and am wanting to sell these. Would this part only work on the 2017 model, or other years as well? How could I determine what cab size they are...
  4. Videos/Photos
    Looked everywhere for a US Flag decal for my rear window. Asked many local auto vinly shops and they were wanting over $200 to do this. I found xplore offroad and found a "AMERICAN FLAG WINDOW DECALS | TRUCKS & SUVS | UNIVERSAL FIT" for less than 35 bucks. Comes with the tools to cut and smooth...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi! I've been lurking here for a bit and learning a lot, so I felt it was time to introduce myself and maybe get some more direct information on some questions I have. I am a longtime Chevy owner looking to purchase my first truck and I love the Chevy Colorado. I've been looking at and...
  6. General Truck Chat
    Im test driving a 2017 colorado LT with 15k miles on it and it does a random light shudder/vibration when I was doing about 35mph going uphill in 2wheel drive. This issue was exaggerated when I left it in auto 4x4 driving the same strip of road basically shaking the whole truck. It feels like...
1-6 of 6 Results