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This car was the winner of Pony Wars season one. Putting down 829 to the rear tires.
You can watch all 8 episodes of the show by searching "Pony Wars" on You Tube. or following this link
2017 Chevy Camaro


New engine with less than 1,000 miles was removed and sent to LS & LT1 experts L&R Machine. L&R upgraded the engine for maximum durability and performance at this power level.
Mahle Gen V LT Power Pak pistons -16cc dish PN 930228365 10.0:1 optimized for boosted application. Grafal coated and hard anodized.
SCAT H-beam forged 4340 connecting rods PN 2-350-6125-2100 6.125-inch length ARP 2000 rod bolts.
Texas-Speed & Performance LT1 Full CNC Ported Heads - 364 / 230 cfm airflow. Heads were fully CNC ported and flowed, plus upgraded with COMP Cams valve springs and retainers (PN 26526TS-KIT), Manton pushrods, and the Texas-Speed & Performance AFM delete kit PN 25-LT1DODDEL-KIT - kit features 8 DOD plugs that block off the DOD stacks, four new LS-style lifter trays, LS7 lifters, Gen V head gaskets, a new VVT camshaft bolt (and optional balancer bolt), and an optional valley cover gasket.
ARP Head Studs/ARP Upgraded LT1 Bolts
LT4 injectors (PN 12684130)
LT4 injector pump (PN 12679090)
Pace fuel pump pipe (PN 12642289)
Texas-Speed & Performance ZL1 lift pump (PN 23377989)
New Chevy Performance Gaskets
COMP Cams Camshaft (PN 224-000-13) - 224/236 degrees of duration and .630-inch of lift, 114 lobe separation. Larger fuel lobe increases fuel system's limits by over 32 percent with a 7.5mm (lift) tri-lobe design.
MSD Atomic LT1 Intake Manifold PN 2700
E3 Spark Plugs, Wires & E3 LS Coils
Royal Purple Engine Oil, Trans Fluid, Rear End Fluid
Custom engine calibrations for High-boost (race gas) and street (pump gas)
Power Adder
ProCharger D-1X Stage 2 w/ D-1X and Race Intercooler upgrades (PN 780-1GY212)
ProCharger Race Intercooler
ProCharger Race Blow Off Valve
D1X combo multuple pulley combinations from 8 psi to 14 psi.
Texas Speed & Performance 1 7/8-inch stainless steel headers PN 25-TSPG6304HCAT-178
NPP Exhaust Chevy Performance Equipped
Wheel and Tire
Street Tire Setup and a Drag Tire Setup
Street Tire - Toyo R888R tires front and rear on factory 20" black Chevrolet Wheels
Drag Tire - Mickey Thompson - Sportsman S/R 28X6.00R18LT front runners (P/N 6688) and ET Street R 305/45R17 rear tires (P/N 3572).
Weld Front & Rear Beadlock Wheels - Weld Racing RT-S S70 18×5-inch, high pad 2.1-inch back spacing front wheels (P/N 70HB8050N21A) and a matching set of RT-S S70 17×10-inch, high pad 7.2-inch back spacing rear wheels (P/N 70HB7100N72F), single beadlock.



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