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Dune Buggy
Actually the wife's dune buggy. It is currently being redone. It sat for 3 years after she purchased it and I have been working on it for the past 2 months to get it back running. It runs now and drives, but still needs some work before it is road worthy (it will be driven on the road only, not for off-roading). It is currently purple, but she wants to go with a green color, something like a bright green such as the tractor company, Deutz-Fahr and their Spring Green.

It has a 1600cc (unless it has been upgraded, but that would require tearing the engine apart) 1.6L VW Beetle Engine from 1971 with a Beetle Transmission. After running a can of Seafoam through it, giving it an oil and filter change, cleaning the air filter, replacing the fuel filter, changing spark plugs and wires, adjusting the valves and carb, the thing runs great. Just needs a new brake pedal assembly and the brakes bled so it can stop (as it has a problem with that at the moment x] ).

Never had a dune buggy before or wanted one, but after working on this (as it's an easy setup to learn how to work on), I think I want to get it on the road more than she does now so I can drive it =)
1971 Volkswagen Dune Buggy (Purple)


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