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General Information

Work truck provided by my employer.
Very basic model... No remote entry. No cruise control. No security system. No carpet.
2015 Chevrolet Colorado (White)


2.4 I4
I'm close to the GVW... Wish I had more power!
A.R.E. Cap interior lighting
My truck came with a 4 foot strip of LEDs above the rear doors. It was tied into the trailer harness and was operated by a cheap crappy switch that would sometimes turn on spontaneously. I wanted a better switch and more light. I decided that the Cargo Light circuit would be a better choice and it could be operated, with indicators, from within the cab.
I know, someone is going to call this a ghetto modification. I removed the High brake/cargo light housing. Removed the cargo light bulbs which are useless as the cap is right up against them. I spliced in a wire that runs between the cab and the cap, under the truck and back up into the bed through the rear stake bed holes. Now I have 12V available inside the cap when the Cargo Light button is pushed. I like this solution because the power shuts off after 20 minutes and saves the battery. It also turns the lights off when in Drive.
Next I ordered a 16’ foot strip of LEDs from Amazon. I cut these into lengths that matched the structural members of the cap roof. I Soldered wires to the strips, don’t bother with the squeeze connectors that come with the LEDs they are useless, and stuck them to the roof. It was a rather damp day and the strips didn’t adhere well. Later I carefully pressed the strips back on with a screen installation tool and then followed up with copious amounts of hot glue where needed.

A.R.E. Cap windows
I spray painted the inside of the rear and forward windows on the cap with flat black spray paint. This prevents prying eyes and also eliminates the distracting glares caused by the multiple panes of glass and lights behind the truck while driving

Cab Lighting
Well the cab lighting was very poor. My truck doesn’t have map lights, just two T-10 bulbs in the dome light fixtures. I replaced the bulbs with LEDs which was better but still not good enough for locating equipment or completing paperwork from the driver’s seat. I wanted to add LED strips but couldn’t find a suitable mounting surface on the roof liner. I decided on a more portable/versatile solution. I cut out a piece of ¼ luan plywood that roughly matched the shape of the unused space in the overhead console, (I don’t have the sunglass holder either). I lightly painted the plywood with grey primer which closely matches my Dark Ash interior. I then applied 7 strips of LEDs to the plywood and a cigarette lighter plug. When I need additional lighting I just pull it out, plug it in, and stick it to the console with heavy duty hook and loop fasteners. The light can also be used free-hand to locate items under and behind the seats.

RAM computer Mount
I’ve used these for years and they are the best! It was a little difficult, and frustrating to unfasten the passenger seat, squeeze the mounting plate under and then refasten the seat. The instructions were almost useless. I did find a youtube video that helped.

Extended Cab cabinet
My truck didn’t come with rear seats, not that I have passengers any way, the space was cavernous and difficult to keep organized. I decided to install a cabinet back there that would organize things and be accessible from the driver’s position.
I had four metal loops attached to the rear of the cab. I guess this is where the rear seatbelts would have been attached. They were in the way… Couldn’t easily locate the attachment points to the cab so I cut them off flush with a reciprocating saw. What I was left with is a narrow flat strip of flooring with protruding bolts which mount the cab to the frame. I cut a piece of plywood to fit this space and drilled holes that fit over the bolts. Not enough bolt length to attach the plywood, it just sits on top of the bolts.
I built a plywood box that fit the space and attached it to the aforementioned plywood strip. On the forward edge I fabricated brackets with 2” angle Iron, drilled and tapped for 3/8 bolts to adjust the height. I then added a top cabinet with shelves to hold my printer, paperwork, and odds&ends.
A.R.E. Cap power locks
Got started at Colorado Fans because I was interested in adding power locks to the A.R.E. cap doors. I read through the various PopNLock threads and determined that it wouldn’t be that difficult. I soon discovered that the power lock wires were not to be found in my wiring harness under the driver side door sill. After much searching I came to the conclusion that my extended cab version does not have locks in the rear doors, hence no wires. I ended up hacking into the harness near the X500 connector. Not an easy place to work as it is under the dash and behind the parking brake. I purchased universal power lock actuators from Amazon only 4 bucks per door!
Fabricated plywood mounting brackets and completed the project without delay. Works GREAT! Too bad I don’t have remote entry.

Back-up alarm disable
My truck came with an aftermarket backup alarm tied into the Reverse lamp circuit. Some guys just disable it. Some guys add switches in the cab. I like having the backup alarm when backing out of crowded parking spaces. People WILL get out of your way! Then it struck me! The Cargo Light circuit. I installed a simple 12V relay that disables the backup alarm when the cargo lights are on. The two functions are mutually exclusive and the backup alarm is always on when starting out.

Bed Space Utilization
As a work truck the open bed becomes quite difficult. You can’t reach the equipment you need without climbing in or it has become buried under the stuff you threw in afterwards. I installed a raised platform of plywood. I utilized the indentations in the bed designed for cargo isolation. I probably went oversized but used 4x4 lumber for the supports and then cut ¾ plywood to cover them and fit to the sides of the bed. I added plywood risers to the sides and topped them with various parts drawers that can be accessed through the side doors.

Beacon Light
I do some work at my local airport. To drive within the restricted areas I need a beacon light on the top of the truck. I have a mag-mount light that I use now but would like to install a more permanent cab operated light. Any ideas or recommendations?
Wheel and Tire



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