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General Information

Quicksilver Metallic
2016 GMC Canyon Lost Edition


LOST Decal
Low Beams.
I ordered the [url=""]Kensun 55w HID kit[/url] and the [url=""]Innovited 55W HID kit[/url]. Both 5000k, a nice pure white color without a blue tint.
Turns out these are identical kits, just the label and packaging is different so I returned the slightly more expensive Kensun.

I have [URL=""]Cyclops 9005 3400 lumen LED[/URL]'s for the high beams.
I have had Cyclops lights on a few bikes and know they are worth every penny both in performance and customer support. I tried to cheap out when ordering the DDM LED's... after just buying a truck and accessories I didn't want to spend the cash but ended up doing it in the long run anyways. No regrets. You do certainly have to have some ventilation in the housing for them to last, I just didn't reinstall the sealing caps, the Cyclops lights are waterproof and not much water gets right there anyways.
BTW, they offer a forum discount for ADV riders, you can find the code here:
[url=]Vendor Discounts to ADV inmates | Adventure Rider[/url]

After the DDM failure debacle I ordered a pair of the Phillips
Philips 12834UNIX2 X-tremeVision LED Fog Lamp that were described as compatible with H16 but that turned out to not be accurate.

These [url=""]H16 LED Amazon Chinese[/url] specials are now in my fog lights. They look like a cheaper made Cyclops, but are super bright and they even provide a decent cutoff line to keep the light shooting low like the OEM lamps and not just scattered everywhere like what I got with the DDM LED's.

A pair [url=""]Philips 921 White Vision LED[/url] for the Back-up light is a huge improvement.

These [url=""]Red 1w 360 Degree T10 Wedge LED[/url]'s in the map lights in the truck.

[URL=""]These Super White 921 912 T10/15 LED Backup Reverse Light's [/URL]went into the cargo light, again a huge improvement.

And this [URL=""]cheap interior LED kit[/URL] completed my interior dome lights and license plate lights.
Wheel and Tire
265/70/17 BFG A/T KO2, 1.5" Zone Level Kit



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