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Colorado Z71
Laser Blue
Trail Boss
2016 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 (Laser Blue)


I purchased a Truxedo LoPro QT.
I used a drill press to drill a line of holes in the tonneau rail on each side to make a slot for the Sport Bar rear support tab.

Passenger side rear Sport Bar support seated.

Here is the view from the rear before smoothing down the front half of the tonneau cover to the Velcro.

Someone made the following observation in an earlier post;
…with the angle of the sport bar at the back, when you're rolling up the top you have to lift it up and move it behind the bars one side at a time…..
I also noticed that in order to get the front part flat (forward under the sport bar itself), I have to partially unroll to the rear of the rear sport bar support. Then lean forward and stretch it left and right from inside the bed and smooth down the left and right Velcro edges.
Then exit the truck bed and finish rolling back to the tailgate, then smooth down the Velcro edges on the left and right sides. I lift the tonneau every time I close the tailgate, this allows the seal on the tonneau to be on the top of the tailgate for rain resistance.
I did not feel the need to caulk or seal where I drilled the tonneau rail. What little water will get there wouldn't have anywhere to go and may freeze, causing a larger problem. I won't get a 100% watertight seal anyway with all the other openings in the bed at the front and back of the rails.



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