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General Information

Had the truck 16 days and the parking brake relay became loose (brake not engaged) and only way to turn off the "parking brake engaged" chime and warning was to pull the wire off the loose relay (had to figure this out myself - no one could tell me what to do when I called service). The only way to tighten the relay was to have the parking brake assembly pulled out completely to tighten a single small phillips screw. Very bad design. Hoping this issue won't happen again, but have a feeling that tiny screw is going to be an issue.

Infotainment System - Totally sux - has latest update and still has ipod recognition problems via usb. Have called company rep and have been told they are trying to work on a solution, but involving Apple Car Talk. Doesn't sound like they are fixing the programming issue with the vehicle recognizing there's an ipod plugged into the usb port. Settings on the ipod such as "repeat one" or "repeat all" are ignored. The name of the song doesn't advance when ipod is recognized and music is playing.

Can set 7th gen ipod nano to connect via bluetooth (which eats ipod battery power) and repeat settings recognized, but no album art. Limited ipod controls on the screen. My aftermarket Kenwood in 2008 worked better than this.

Only one bluetooth device can be selected at one time. Either you have an ipod or phone connected, but not both via bluetooth. Friends say the bluetooth microphone clarity is marginal although I can hear them perfectly.

Too bad I only researched engine, towing and mechanics and not the infotainment system problems. I'd have bought another brand. It's beyond annoying to pay cash for a vehicle and not get what was promised.
2015 GMC Canyon (Bronze)


Something has to be done, but not sure what can be done until someone can figure out the programming issue involving the usb port/ipod.


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