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Had a thrush turbo muffler laying around, decided to make it dual side out. Also put some chrome resonator tips.
Added winch and d rings.
Tinted lens and blacked out bow ties.
Took me a while to finish but finally got it done! Waiting for Chevy bow tie exhaust tip to come in! Can’t wait.
Decided to change to the look of my sleek Colorado to a rugged beefier Colorado.
2018 Colorado ZR2 Crew
2016 Colorado z71 longbed
Just one of those days ?
Day 1: First commute to work Day 2: Putting the truck to work carrying some propylene glycol Camping in Leavenworth, Wa Custom Stainless headache rack and lumber rack
2019s on the outside 2015 in center ❤️
Where I feel most at home-the desert.
Pretty much stock
This is my own Colorado edition
2017 Chevy Colorado Z1
The one that started it all!????