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Here’s my 2015 Colorado Z71 with FabFours front bumper w/ rigid 20” ligh bar, 4 rigid cubes and rear bumpers w/ 2 rigid cubes; prinsu roofrack w/ 40” light bar; 3 1/2” lift by readylift and Bilstein shocks; and 18” DX4 wheels.
My 96 Chevy S10 extended cab... Used to be a show truck it still looks good minus hydraulics and but it's a beautiful work in progress getting it back to where it was. The original owner let it go down a little but I'm going to get it back on point...
Lovin' it! Can't figure out how to add a picture to this post
Deleted, Tuned, S&B clod air intake, CX Racing intercooler
Mods to a 2019 Colorado, adventures/problem list in commentary
Alot more needs doin. Truck will be a year old in April i think, My accident & write off of the old truck was march. Whats done so far: Eibach Pro truck kit 2.7" Bora 1.5" Spacers. Silverado Trailboss wheels. 265/70/18 Bridgestone Dueler revo AT GM performance skid package. Gibson extreme dual...
snowing in south central again! ❄️
Drone not too bad, gets a few pops and crackles. Sounds awesome on acceleration and is quick to get to those high rpms. Finished it off with the bow tie tips! Loving my lfx
2016 Chevrolet Colorado LT
new shoes today, 265/50/R20 toyo AT3's on 20" Black Rhino Tembe Wheels
2006 manual Colorado . Bought this May 2019
3.5 inch lift 295/70/17 2 inch wheel spacers
Leveling kit and BFGs