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  1. So.Cal please stand up lol

    General Truck Chat
    The nation it nearly identical to this site. Just takes a couple days to get used to it
  2. 3.7 swap

    General Truck Chat
    Been there done that. The 08 is possible and I'm living proof of that but the cost was greater and far more difficult to get running properly. 07 get another 04-06
  3. Random Off-Topic Chat

    General Off Topic 1
    I think the bbb crew single-handedly killed this site. 20 threads a day is sad
  4. Question on coilovers

    1st Gen Modifications - Suspension
    You lifted then complained about body roll........... That's what happens when you raise the center of gravity. You could add a rear sway bar from a zq8 but it would be a ton of work.
  5. POST YOUR LIFT!!! Before & After's (and include what kinda lift you did)

    1st Gen Modifications - Suspension
    47" front fender 49" rear fender as of early this year I took off the body lift.
  6. Show Off Your TB/Shackle Lifts!!!

    pics dont work buddy
  7. flip kit to stock question

    1st Gen Modifications - Suspension
    look brother you need to get off the keyboard and get under there. i cant tell you how many times ppl just post and dont look. not every truck is the same. shackles are above the leafs so riddle me how shackles will level you out? blocks will lower you. (which is what i'm assuming you want)...
  8. Distance between Frame at axel??

    1st Gen Modifications - Suspension
    It's going to be different. You can find stock sways relatively cheap. Ebay might be your best bet
  9. TOP Free, Cheap, and Invaluable Mods

    Technical Questions / Tips / How To
    Anything I can do to help
  10. p0171-bad thermostat

    Technical Questions / Tips / How To
    p0171 is bank 1 lean. Thermostat has nothing to do with air /fuel . What intake do you have? Have you tweaked the crank case lines, maf, resonater box?
  11. Deleting the 2nd cat? A tip!

    1st Gen Modifications - Performance
    LOL you didn't try hard enough. It's cake to pull the mid pipe out. Exhaust is not galvanized as you say. It's straight mild steel. The galvanized fence post is way more expensive than the $5 at the exhaust shop for a piece of pipe and 2 flares. My entire custom mid pipe labor bends flares and...
  12. looking for parts

    For Sale - WTB - Business Sales
    what suspension?
  13. SOA

    1st Gen Modifications - Suspension
    6-7 in of lift in the front.
  14. Too bad the V8 Colorado site is gone

    General Truck Chat
    there's a ton of v8 guys on nation. not so much here
  15. Beemer/coly

    1st Gen Modifications - Styling
    seeing as you have a picture yes someONE has done that "MOD" start by buying a BMW then the easy part comes... find a colorado (preferably your own) and pay a shop an exorbatent amount of money to cut both in half and have 1 whole bimerado and 2 nearly unusable halfs. good luck
  16. Drive shaft bottoming out, how to fix?

    1st Gen Modifications - Suspension
    barry he's got a reg cab. the extendeds have the carrier
  17. lifting a 2wd

    General Truck Chat
    "leveling kit" is a BS term. refer to my post for guidance. youre not going to find a better price
  18. Lift Creak

    1st Gen Modifications - Suspension
    front. back, what?
  19. tailgate speakers

    General Truck Chat
    I would put them on the bedsides. Can't hear speakers facing up too easily plus you wont hit the moving stuff in and out of the bed
  20. lifting a 2wd

    General Truck Chat Ger the 3 in spindle and shackle lift. You'll be good for $550
1-20 of 497 Results