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  1. e brake bypass

    1st Gen Modifications - Audio
    whats going on here? my room mates DVD system in his grand cherokee works all the time w/o flipping a switch. Im pretty sure he tricked the thing into always thinking the vehicle had the brake on.
  2. Crazy big canyon

    1st Gen Modifications - Suspension
    This truck is awesome!
  3. My Colorado is gone

    General Truck Chat
    I cant say I blame you. When I hit a deer a few months back, I got a 09 Silverado ext cab 5.3l 4x4 for a rental. That truck was awesome, I was really impressed with it.
  4. New v5 Colorado

    New Member Introductions
    Its a very odd engine config, but it does work quite well. Tho they abandoned the 990cc V5 in 2007 and went to an 800cc V4 due to rule changes.
  5. New v5 Colorado

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome. not quite :D Honda RC211V V5 MotoGP engine (prototype motorcycle class) (non production) 990cc 4 stroke 5 cylinder that when unrestricted could produce 250 bhp
  6. Difference between 3.5 and 3.7 L

    1st Gen Engine Talk - I4, I5, and V8
    Thats why I like the ARB lockers. My buddies Jeep XJ has them and that beast goes anywhere. Tho the 10.5" long arm lift and 38"s might help too :D
  7. LIFTED & lowered + Cervinis Hood

    Not to bash, but Im not really liking the looks of the hood on either. IMO it would be much better w/ a more subtle look. Any other scoop hoods out there that are more OEM style? I kind of like the way the Toyota sport package scoops look tho I know they arent functional.
  8. Static Discharge on Chevy Colorado 2009

    General Truck Chat
    here is a tip on how to avoid the shock when getting out of the truck. there is a metal screw exposed on your door panel where you put your hand to close the door. simply open the door, and before you slide out of the truck, touch the tip of your finger to the screw and remain in contact with...
  9. This has to be about the best deal ever for a new car.

    General Truck Chat
    Id like a G8.
  10. Current body style for how much longer?

    General Truck Chat
    My work truck is an 06 F350 PSD, and its been great for the past 40k miles. I also have wrinkles in my drivers seat, but its not so bad.
  11. MBRP Inc.+GM Canada=a projected 1000hp Colorado(LS7 inside)

    General Truck Chat
    Oh wow! Very cool truck.
  12. Where to put license plate

    1st Gen Modifications - Styling
    Those sideways frenched plate mounts look so trashy to me.
  13. Difference between 3.5 and 3.7 L

    1st Gen Engine Talk - I4, I5, and V8
    After doing some research on it, I was right. All Toyota e lockers only work in 4 low from the factory. However they can be defeated by jumping a few wires so it will work in any gear.
  14. Difference between 3.5 and 3.7 L

    1st Gen Engine Talk - I4, I5, and V8
    My old 99 TRD Tacoma and my friends 08 TRD Tacoma both have to be in 4 low. I dont have any experience w/ the newer Tundra. So I dont know which model you are talking about. Also the e locker is crap, mine failed w/ 33s. my buddy who is a toyota tech says they are fairly prone to failure.
  15. Difference between 3.5 and 3.7 L

    1st Gen Engine Talk - I4, I5, and V8
    Every Toyota Ive drove w/ the locking diff could ONLY be used in 4 low. 4 high and 2 wheel drive it was open, so for the average user the G80 is a better option. Besides serious wheelers are gonna go for true locking diffs that are either cable or pneumatic actuated.
  16. Shackle, Torsion Bar, Front and Rear Shock Write Up (DONE)

    1st Gen Modifications - Suspension
  17. stealth grey colorado/ canyons only

    whats the difference between stealth gray and blue granite metallic? they look the same to me in pics.
  18. Finally got some snow

    General Truck Chat
    It was fun, but it looks like its gonna be here for a while, and thats gonna suck since I work outside.
  19. Finally got some snow

    General Truck Chat
    It was fun playing in 2' of snow.
  20. gun toting american club

    General Off Topic 1
1-20 of 474 Results