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  • instinct0224 ·
    Friend...can you do a quick write up of how you installed the heated mirrors and wires..I have a 2015 CC Z71 Crew Cab, i think it should have the cables needed...
    This is what i have:
    23191161 Mirror Glass Right w/Power and Heat $44.88
    23191160 Mirror Glass Left w/Power and Heat $113.88

    some info help..t.y.
    Santito ·
    I caught your post about pins for the heated mirror job. Do you still have enough extras to do both sides as far as the round female pins into the connector harness? Also.. I asuume from the photos and what not that you have to completely remove the mirror assembly from the door to get to that body plug molded around the wires?

    Canyon 2005 Owner ·
    Good morning,

    Just noticed your screen name...... Semper Fi!

    Also a 7011 from 1966-1970, didn't think that MOS was still around once the Corps went with the Harrier.... or are you one of the "old moore-rest" guys too?
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