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  • lukas ·

    Really loving your Colorado and have just a few questions about it. I just bought a '18 Z71 and I am wanting to put a OEM ZR2 bumper on it. What parts need to be changed to make it compatible? Is it just new fenders and a new grille? Also, can you link me where to buy the ZR2 hood that you have?

    Iamscotticus ·
    Yep...Those are the same ones used on the down pipe flange when I removed the crossover for my trans pan.
    They're used all over the truck.
    The dealer parts gets $6 for them.
    I can't find lock nuts at the hardware store that aren't zinc pated, which isn't ideal.

    Thanks for the help, again.
    Iamscotticus ·
    Can you please look up part numbers for the two nutz on the exhaust to cat pipe flange?
    And if there is a gasket in there?
    I have a GM cat-back now and need the parts.
    Toughsox ·
    Ant is short for Anthony. You found me out. And yep, the 2019s went back to the J hooks..... so while I now know they exist, I need to dind out if the wiper motor knurled parts are the same so that the 19 arms will fit my 16. It 'should' be easy enough for my parts guy to figure long as the wiper motor and transmission arms are the same for both years, then it should fit.

    Or, I could just take the easy way out and dive to the dealership to ask my salesman if he would let me take the arms off a 19 to test fit them. =)

    Iamscotticus ·
    OK, Now you're Anthony. Or Tony?

    What did you find out about the wiper arms?
    The way the thread went, it looks like you were saying the 2019 'Rado went back to the J hooks.
    Is that correct?
    brianrodrigues ·
    Hey how are you I'm a fellow Colorado Diesel owner I'm looking jnyk getting a zr2 hood as well shoot me a text and we can meet up some time I'm in Kearny 201 772 7894
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