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  • David Hodge ·
    Hey buddy, how are you today? I was wanting to get some knowledge about what you had to do too get the 22x12’s to fit. I have a 17 Canyon that I wanna do the same way but not as high of a lift more closer to stock & on running 305/35/22 street tires because mine is 2wd. Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks!
    Sausage ·
    Mr. Tilley, thanks.

    Sir if I add another 1.5 inches to the front you think I will be ok or will still have to trim.

    Thanks for your time. I am in the Lumberton NC area. If you don't mind me asking what part of SC are you in.

    Sausage ·
    Mr Tilley, I am in conversation with the customoffset GURU here on the forum. And he wanted me to ask you about a size of rim you use to run. I want to run a 20x10 with a 33x12.5x20 and with a -24 offset.

    Sir I have a 6in RC lift. Will there be any issues with this setup. Thanks for your time

    Kokiri ·
    Thoughts on the factory flares after switching from the EGRs? Looking to get flares but unsure which route I want to go.
    zrbh09 ·
    Hey there, just wanted to say love your truck and vision.

    If you get to the point you are willing to ship the roof rack I think I would be a buyer. Assuming it wouldn't cost a fortune to get it to Tulsa.

    totally understand if you don't but just wanted to give you another option.

    Warm Regards,
    Adam Bauer ·
    Hey man, hows it going. I have 15K miles on the lift now. Have you looked into swapping the 4:10s out of the 4cylinder trucks to put into ours? My truck is always searching for gears while freeway driving.
    35CANYON ·
    Hey bud, are your flares the smooth black finish or the matte black textured finish? Thx. Also I'm a big fan of all ur mods keep up the good quality work!
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