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  • tahitiansoul ·
    Hello James,

    Long time no news but now I am back on the forum. I wish 355nation was running same for the 2nd gen Canyon.
    I just bought a 2017 CC GMC Canyon V6 and would like to tune it for better drivability and more torque.Do you still do tuning as for the gen1?
    Thank you in advance for answer

    Marc (Tahitiansoul)
    Brian Izzo ·
    Hey there,

    Just following up on today's visit. Thank you again for everything, the whole process was unbelievably smooth and you were very informative and helpful. Extremely happy with how the tires look and hope you find good use for mine. I've posted the photos on the "What did you do to your Colorado today?" forum and connected on Facebook. Hope to keep in touch!

    TitanFlyer ·
    Hi there.. I am about to trade my 17 Raptor in on a ZR2 as I just don't love how big the Raptor is for daily driving. I will be taking it up to Asheville NC area on the weekends as we have a place up there and there happen to be several off road parks up there as well. I really want to protect the truck in any way I can, and the underneath seems like the best place to start. I am having issues finding the complete under armor that I envision and I read in a post to ask you about yours. Is there a link you can send me to a full set of total protection skid plates for the ZR2?
    gatekeeper ·
    i am presuming from the thread that either you or Coyote have the Differential Spacer kits. How can I order a 3/4" spacer/bolt kit for my 05 Canyon?
    Thanks in advance.

    The Gatekeeper
    lsmull ·
    Hi, I have a new ZR2 Duramax and am interested in a Transmission skid and Gas Tank skid. The [email protected] comes with the front skid and the transfer case skid. The transmission and gas tank skids should work on the ZR2, right? Thanks, Lynn
    AgFoxV ·
    Hello. I messaged you on eBay... I'm interested in a package of all for skidplates for my 2016 CCSB Diesel.
    CyberGreyKindaGuy ·
    Hello there,

    Looking into getting some Skid plates for my truck, and would like to purchase from you.

    I would want #1 and #2 if possible. referencing the picture with the GMC flipped on the side.

    I currently have quite a hole in my stock plate and would like to replace / upgrade.

    Looking for price of #1 and #2 as a combo, and individual price.


    Please respond to [email protected]
    F2K2 ·

    I got the first 2 skid plates and installed them last month. I understand there is a package deal available for getting the third plate under the oil pan?

    I bought the first two off of you on eBay on Dec 12th, eBay user name wgfred.

    rich7930 ·
    Hello, im looking to get my TB ported on my 3.6L Canyon. Just wondering what the process is? Do i send you mine or do you send me one done and then i send you my stock and how much ? Thank you

    Jimsc ·
    I have a 2015 Canyon with 6sp auto. I'm interested in a tune to fix my shifting issues. What can you do and how much does it cost.
    hesher ·
    Hey there! This might be an odd question, but has anyone mentioned getting better mpg with this skid versus the stock skid? It seems like air would flow better under the vehicle now with the flatter, longer skid.

    I feel like an old man saying this....ive never cared about MPG before :)

    Nice looking products.
    goebel1 ·
    Is this right 2016 Z71 Front Skid and DIFFERENTIAL Skid Plate is? If so how do I purchase these items?

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