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  • rfross ·
    Cool - thanks for the response! That's the first cap of that style that I've seen with that side window and I like the look. I just may copy it when my new truck finally arrives.

    rfross ·
    Hey Steve -

    I recently ordered a Colly version of your truck and I'm trying to decide to go with a cap or a tonneau. If I get a cap I want one just like yours. I've got a couple of questions on the cap:

    1) Brand? (looks like ARE but can't tell for sure)

    2) Are the side windows the twist knob swing-out vent style or sliders?

    3) Is the rear window the full aluminum framed window or the solid glass/no frame style? (looks like it's framed)

    4) Where did you purchase the cap and did you get a decent deal?

    I had a high-top style cap like that on my '07 regular cab Canyon but it just didn't look quite right. Putting a high-top cap on the extended cab seems like a better combination and I like the extra headroom for those times when I'm on the road and sleeping in the back.


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