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  • Jerryd67 ·
    papasmurf, had a question about your CV4500 install. First, thanks for the photos and parts list, but I was wondering if you could verify if you re-used the existing hose that attaches on the side of the engine (appears to be back into the hot side of the intercooler line) to mount to the output side of the CV4500? From what I can tell, this fitting on the side rotates some... Thanks, Jerry
    mrrosado ·

    I saw your CV4500 and had a few questions. Have you had any issues with oil not draining into the catch can or pooling in the can itself? Has the indicator popped up on you, it looks red in the pics. Is the exit side of the can attached to the air intake near the turbo? What is your filter life looking like?

    Thank you for your time,

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