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  1. How does this connector work?

    2nd Gen Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Would take a lot more then that to offend me. But if you ran a forum of your own like that you have a membership of one. If you don’t like the question change the page. Just like tv.
  2. P1681 please help

    2nd Gen Chevrolet Colorado Forum / 2015 GMC Canyon
    A connector is not completely seated or is disconnected, the throttle is not completely closed or the sensor was damaged, one of the computers is dead or needs to be reprogrammed due to the battery being disconnected for so long, the battery terminals are loose, etc......start with the simple stuff.
  3. Horrible mileage towing my new trailer

    2nd Gen Chevrolet Colorado Forum / 2015 GMC Canyon
    I haven't weighed the boat and trailer yet. But my aluminum Lowe was 3100-3200 lbs. The fiberglass hull is 600-700 lbs heavier, the trailer another 700. The outboard 100. So, I'm figuring the Skeeter is about 4500-4600 lbs. Every time I drive by the Cat Scales with it it's full of all my...
  4. Horrible mileage towing my new trailer

    2nd Gen Chevrolet Colorado Forum / 2015 GMC Canyon
    Not exaggerating at all. 15-17 is what I get all day long towing my Skeeter. That’s what I got over a 1500 round trip to northern WI. These little 2.8l engines get great fuel mileage. Sorry you guys are jealous of such a small engine.
  5. Why not a secure site?

    Community Help
    “Powered by AI”...but no decent search engine yet. 😂
  6. Diesel quality?

    We don't have a "no brand" label requirement but the same supplier provides gas and diesel to several different brand name companies. It all comes out of the same two transfer stations. My understanding is different additives are included at the pump station to satisfy each brand's...
  7. Questions : If you have installed and used the Boost Auto towing mirrors on your truck ?

    2nd Gen Appearance & Body
    If you tow a lot, you're going to like them. I installed a set of Clearview and they are far better than the stock ones. I looked at both brands and went with Clearview due to the 3 yer warranty vs Boost's 1 year. Other than that I think they are identical. For install tips watch the youtube...
  8. Name One feature about your truck you didn't know about

    2nd Gen Appearance & Body
    In tow/haul mode the turn signals flash 6 times vs 3 when the stalk is pressed and released quickly.
  9. High mileage diesels?

    SMDH.. What's your V6 going to look like at 200,000?:unsure:
  10. Premium Members?

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    Take your pick:
  11. Ford sued for falsifying EPA Estimates

    General Off Topic 1
    How did this law firm do its own independent investigation and testing? Don’t believe all the hot air from these companies. And no owner will see any of that money if any is won. Lawsuits are also smoke and mirrors as any money will quickly disappear into lawyers accounts. No one drives these...
  12. How do we restrict search to a specific forum?

    Community Help
    I haven't found one. Only thing I see it "search community" and its a big community. Also, doesn't seem to put them in any particular order. I asked the same thing a couple weeks ago but some admin closed it. Must be a sensitive subject. It's annoying as hell. We ask a question and a Mod...
  13. Back to the Colorado Z71 and this forum

    New Member Introductions
    We saw a lot of flooded bikes sold as "new" that came from down south after hurricanes. Rust and water where it shouldn't have been were giveaways. Sure it's the same with cars and trucks.
  14. Turn signal timeout.

    2nd Gen Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    I tried it yesterday, switching back and forth between T/H and not. Yup, 6 flashes in T/H, 3 when not selected. Must not have been paying much attention to it during our WI trip. Could swear it only did that at night, though.
  15. Turn signal timeout.

    2nd Gen Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    I’ll have to check that. I don’t normally use tow mode unless I’m in traffic or hills. Don’t recall if I used it at the start of those two all-day drives.