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  1. The Parking Lot Angel had my back today

    2nd Gen Appearance & Body
    My 2018 Canyon SLT so far hasn't a scratch or ding anywhere (knock on wood). And I make it a point to park in the most inconvenient places to keep it that way. Anyway-- this past Saturday night I walked out of a movie theater and climbed into my truck to leave, when a woman walked up to my...
  2. Newbie in Savannah

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I recently purchased a 2018 V6 Canyon SLT and today I found this forum. I'm 64 and this Canyon is only the second new vehicle I've bought for myself (bought ex-wives a few). So far I'm loving my new Canyon. I got a bit squeezed merging onto I-95 yesterday and had to give it some...