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  • videobored ·
    Okey doke, thanks for the heads up about the other thread. I hope your next set arrives quickly and is in perfect condition. I think I'll get a set from amazon as well... not sure which brand yet.
    videobored ·
    Hey imref, I just saw your post about removing your steps. My short wife says she wants them, so I'm considering buying some. I'm also in northern virginia (Arlington). Would you consider selling? If so, please describe them and let me know what you would need to get for them.

    -videobored (Nathan)
    imref ·
    My dealer says they have allocations, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get a TPW soon. He thinks this week or next.

    One of the posters here recommended that I use the chevy web chat and sign up for weekly emails so I did that yesterday, all you need is your order number, you can also ask them for the latest status. Good luck!
    RichA_CT ·
    I'm in the same boat as you. I placed my order on 5/22 and still it sits at 1100 no TPW yet. I think the problem is our dealers have no allocations. Not sure how it works but if they have no allocations that can order but it doesn't mean it will be accepted. I may have to find a bigger dealer, this is crazy.

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