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  • Iamscotticus ·
    They should be 10x1.5
    I require eight of them.
    I can buy them.
    They are galvanized, 15mm lock nuts with shoulders.
    You don't just find that at the LHS.

    Im not in a hurry. How about a gasket? Is there one?

    Toughsox ·
    Not sure how much of a hurry you might be in but, this set seems more reasonable, price wise. I hate using Ebay but, the price is right in my opinion.

    Tomorrow at work I will see if we have any of these with our parts guy so I can actually measute the thread size.....the sites I found it on didnt give that info. Im curious if you cant get them from Home Cheapo or Lowes. I mean, they are just nuts !!!!

    Toughsox ·
    I hate GM part prices..... its a simple lock nut but they want $3.25 each.

    Odd that it is called the lower control nut but it is in fact the correct nut you need.

    As an FYI, you can usually use those 2-3 times over, provided you arent zipping them off with an impact gun. An impact gun would heat it up a bit and make it where you might only get one extra use out of it.

    Dorman makes the same nut - Dorman 5031524 and if your local auto parts store deals with Dorman (95% of auto parts places do) Im sure you can get it a LOT cheaper then $3 a nut.

    Toughsox ·
    I just washed the truck today but its dark out or I would go take some new ones.

    Let me know if theres any different angles you might want.

    Also, point me in the direction of the zombie horde...... Im ready for them. =)

    Toughsox ·
    Ok, lets see what I have here on my computer. A couple may be without the ZR2 hood as I had the bumperson at least 6 months before the hood came out.

    In no particular order -

    PS, I will link them here first before exploding it into pictures -

    Bikerchick3158 ·
    Sorry, I can't figure out how to get the darn pictures in here. Do you have an email address? I can send them thru email if you would like?
    RandyNC ·
    Sorry for not responding to this Scott. I'm sure you are past this point. I think that you DO need the grommets unless you really sand down the interior of your holes that you drilled. Too much chance of eroding/damaging the wire passing through the metal IMO. So how did they turn out? I love my boards!
    GraniteBlue05 ·
    Hey there. . the Red ! is a symbol that highlights an ongoing *HoT* very active thread with new posts. Whatever that means. lol If it has a "faded" look, then it mean it is HoT , but no new posts.

    As far as admin goes, the only way I know is to send a PM to one of the mods who will usually address questions pretty quickly or head you in the right direction. There is always asking SuperModulation, but James is a pretty busy guy and doesn't dabble too much in the site goings on.

    Hope that helps!
    ib_of_the_damned ·
    That blue thing is a tin of Altoids... it fits perfectly in the dash hole! As for the pocket in front of the shifter, I have that too. It is probably hard to see from the angle I took the picture from. But it's there, I have a 3 usb port in my cigarette lighter as well.
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