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  • coletrain373 ·
    Hey man,

    Awesome lookin truck. I was curious about your Fog HID and head light HID set up. Are they just an HID conversion from say like ebay in the stock housing? Also, where did you buy your fogs or are they OEM? Thanks
    truebluetc2 ·
    Hey Greg, I just bought my first rado today and it has bald tires. It's an 06 Z85 crew cab. I've been lookin on the threads but haven't come to a conclusion. Will a 31x10.5 r15 fit? All I'm askin is for a yes/no and what size I should get if they don't. Thanks, Luke
    tseav4 ·
    American Outlaw : Bandit (S113)
    try that link, those are the wheels i want to get, i sort of want to keep the stock lift on it, maybe level the front, you think 15s will look fine? i dont want to buy new tires yet but dont want it to be to small
    tseav4 ·
    wow thanks your a ton of help, i have so many more questions hope you don't mind/get annoyed, so if for example, my truck at the moment has 265/75/r15, my dad has some wheels that i want in 285/75/r16 what would it take to fit those on my truck? the torison bar way, an how much would that effect the stock ride
    GregDAP ·
    there are two basic answers to that question... cheap torsion bar lift and cutting up some of the truck to fit 33"'s with a stiff/rough ride up front or expensive sub-frame lift kit to properly lift the truck and easily fit 33"'s as well keeping stock quality ride and maintain proper angles and geometry of the front suspension... which would you like to know about?

    32"'s can be fitted much easier, usually with just a torsion bar crank... search the suspension section of the forum... Torsion bar cranks are discussed all the time.

    To fit 33's without an extreme torsion bar crank and cutting up the truck requires a 4" lift kit... Rancho, Skyjacker and Tuff Country all make 4" lift kits for our trucks.

    They are usually around $1200+ for the kit plus installation(unless you install it yourself) plus cost of wheels(with the proper backspace) and tires and alignment.
    tseav4 ·
    i have near the same truck as you.. 06 colorado 4x4 z71 4 door, only difference is i have the black fenders, anyways, i want to put some big tires on it to fill out the wheel wells, i was thinking like 32, 33, what size lift would i have to go to put 33s on it? 33' tires 18' wheel
    Adamonsterr ·
    Hello, i noticed that you have a rancho lift with 33" tires along with 3.73 gears. I am looking into the same setup however i have 3.42 gears. Are the 3.73's my best choice or do you think ill be happier with 4.10's. Thank you for your time, i look forward to hearing your advice.
    nickstar ·
    Hey Greg.... New to the forum and would love to pick your brain about things I could do to my 2011 Z71 Crew Cab Colorado, if you wouldn't mind!


    Nick Star
    Truckzec ·
    I like your Truck and thanks for the advise .... I was thinking about putting Mudd Flaps on ... Did you get yours from GM or after market? The ones from Chevy only come with Gold Bow ties.
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