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    Good Afternoon,

    My name is Joe and I'm new on the forum. I would like to know how to embed a video of my projector retro fit w/ switchback DRL.

    Please provide link if available.

    Thank You,

    hyperv6 ·

    I hate to bother you on this again but Graniteblue is back to bullying again.

    He critics my post indirectly trying to bully. We both know he has a history of this and that he hates me. I advised him of the ignore feature. I do not believe I should be the one that has to use it as he is the one commenting on me not me seeking it him.

    It is me defending myself with not going deep to the point the thread gets closed.

    Please advise him to use ignore or cut the snide criticism.

    I have deleted several post before I posted them because it would have been as wrong as what he is doing.

    I am just trying to do the right thing and do not believe I should be punished to use ignore when I do not seak out his post but he does mine.

    No that comes here should be bullied by anyone.

    I don’t care about him but I do care how he frames my and my reputation in public.

    Please understand my point here. He can say what ever he likes but leave me out of it.

    Thanks Scott
    jwtw06 ·
    looks like your the one to ask.. I have a 11 z71 2wd and was wondering if u might know the length from center of rim to top fender should be. I tried cranking my tb and only got one full turn on the driver... mine is 24 1/4 from center to fender is this right?
    CollyFlower ·
    Alright man thanks for the help, I live in NC so it would probably difficult to find someone on 355nation in this area. I might just have to build up the guts to do it myself.
    Zack22 ·
    I'm wondering how u like the rancho kit and wanted to ask a few ?s, did u do and crank with it I am prolly bout to purchase it and maybe do a 2 inch crank. I have a 09 2wd z71 with a out 5 inches on a torsion crank now I want it to ride a lil better and still have the clearance for my tires, if u had rather text here is my number 7705484835 thanks zack
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