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  • 35CANYON ·
    Hey bud. No I just used about 7 coats of black plasti dip, and then 3 coats of clear gloss plasti dip. It's held up for 6 months now... congrats on ur truck, their pretty awesome right?
    iihuntyii ·
    Hello Sir!

    I just bought a GMC Canyon with the All-Terrain package and had a quick question after seeing the pic of your truck. Do you happen to have a pic of the front? I also wondered if you had noticed the difference in mpg? Sorry, 2 questions. The reason I ask is that I took my truck down a trail (Very minor) and had to turn around when there were some 4-5 inch rocks due to fear of hitting the **** AIR DAM! Lol... thanks for any insight.
    Thor18 ·
    Hi, was wondering if you could either send me or post a side view of your truck on a flat surface. I bought the zone kit as you did but the pic you posted is on a angle driveway and is hard to see the true look. Would really appreciate it. I'm deciding whether to install the zone kit or go to another larger kit if it doesn't remove the rake. Sorry to bother you again
    USAFquez ·
    Hello, I saw that you have the leveling kit for your new truck on the way. You already mentioned that you'll post some before and after photos, but could you do us all a huge favor and post some pictures step by step of the install? Or better yet, a video? I think it'll benefit the forum greatly. Thanks in advance!
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