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  • PowerCommander ·
    Hey sir,
    I noticed that you have a Qa1 coils. Anyway from doing research and search on this this forum I noticed that you seem to be really knowledgeable so I might throw in a question or two for you. I have a 2012 Colorado LT crew cab. I purchased some QA1 coils for my fronts and shocks in the back along with belltech drop blocks for the back as well. The QA1's was from Naake and Mike was who set it all up for me. Anyway I tried installing them the first time (the front coils) and well I realize it wouldn't quite work so I sent some pics and email to Mike with Naake and he sent me some Polyurethane inserts so it would fit well where the bottom mount bolt would go in. Anyway... The second time I tried installing them after getting the inserts I realize the coilover and springs would hit the bump bracket and bump stop. My question is did you run into this issue with your truck? What parts numbers did you get? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    fenix23 ·
    hey i have a question for you i hope you can help me on this matter.

    on my colorado its 05, 5 cyl i been noticing this rpm drop when i take a small turn on a parking lot when i let go of the gas pedal it seems that its idling then i notice my rpms drop to were the engine sounds like its gonna die and am not sure if its got to do with my fuel filter or the throttle body or if its the maf i wonder if u came upon this issue before or not please help.
    1badcolo ·
    Hey did I read right that you use to have subs under your back seat? Or just the stealthbox? if you did what kind of subs did you have and how do you go about raising the back seat? I know there's spacers or whatever but has anyone ever done a step by step on it?

    thanks bro,
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