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  • Iamscotticus ·
    I'm been thinking of putting a Daytona style rear spoiler on my 'Rado.
    I'm finding that CarID has the market on these, but the width specs are never given.
    It appears only the Dodge 1500 had a wing as an option and most of the ones available are clones of that.

    Of course, the 'Rado is narrower. I measure 59" between the bed top cap stake hole centers. I would like to have one at least 15" tall to be a serious wing and not be in my rear view.
    I don't want a tail gate mounted spoiler.
    Can you find something for me? No hurry.

    Hunter62 ·
    I have a 2017 Colorado ZR2 n am looking for a step bumper for it

    I show you had this bumper BBR-COL15BK-A-WB

    on you website but it is not in stock
    I have found it else where, is it very good? Will you have it in stock at a later date?
    I just need a bumper with a step, not for off roading like the ADD bumper

    Dave Fisher
    jrams100 ·
    I am looking at buy fab four vengeance bumper for 2018 ZR2. Do you give coloradofans members an addition discount?
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