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  • turtlejoe ·
    The blue one is all I got. I'm kinda straying away from it now tho. I think I'd be better of with a Silverado 4wd that I can lift. Preciate the input tho bud
    turtlejoe ·
    Hey man, I gotta 2wd canyon, n I been thinkin about doin somethin similar to your setup. I was wonderin what the wallet damage would be? Thinkin bout droppin a v8 in er n possibly a conversion. Jyst a thought tho, cuz everybody says it'd be easier to get a new truck
    mazdab260 ·
    hey, joined up in 355nation on sunday, still waiting tobe approved to do any posting/veiwing...can ya help me out??
    and happy b-day..
    JaCkEd^CoLoRaDo ·
    Hey man whats ur specs, u have inspired me! This truck is among the baddest lookin trucks out there! I gotta know what all ya got into this thing!
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