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  • Slate ·
    Hey 35CANYON, I have a couple questions for you if you don't mind. First, did you get any extra lift out of the Fox coil overs vs. the factory struts and spacers? And second, did you ever try the 4:10 gear swap?
    devilschariot ·
    they are great, have had mine for over a year now and with 18,000 miles she has never given me a problem. did a 2 inch leveling kit with 1.5 body lift and 285/70 bfg all terrains on the stock all terrain rims, and a trifecta tune. she turns heads every where i go and absolutley love taking it off road. your truck looks killer, very jealous. congrats
    devilschariot ·
    Canyon 35, what did you use to paint the badges on your truck cyber grey? i have the same truck and i also picked up an can of cyber grey spray paint from the dealer. is that what you used?
    travisz71 ·
    Hey 35 canyon, curious as to what lift that is. I am waiting for the rough country lift to arrive and had a few questions for you. Did the 35's put a damper in your giddy up ? What size wheel spacer are you using? I have 2 in bora spacers and am wondering if you are getting any rubbing issues. Can't stop looking at your pics and am getting impatient waiting for mine to be done. Also have you found any gears for it yet? Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    EMoon312 ·
    What a beauty! I have some questions for you:

    1. What type of lift did you do?
    2. What size wheels?
    3. What are the tire specs?
    4. Does it rub at all?
    5. Did you do any gear modifications?
    6. How is your mpg affected?
    7. Did you black out the grill like that, or was that an option that you had?

    Looks great. I just purchased a Colorado Z71 yesterday... I'm exited to lift it and put wheels on, but I want to go slow and do it right. Looks like you are a good one to ask!
    35CANYON ·
    Hey everybody new to the forum just posting pics of my 2015 Canyon. I'm hoping to find out if anybody knows where to get gears to do a swap. I'm wanting 4:10s. Any info is greatly appreciated.
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