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  • hyperv6 ·
    It is the addition of footwell lights and cup holder. It is a dealer installed option. I think you can change colors too? But don’t quote me on that.

    It is high priced for what al, you get.
    bbsmitty_ ·
    Where did you say that the broken harness normally is? I tink that may be it. I paid 99 buck to the dealership to get a diagnostic done. They told me i needed a new seat. But i felt like that wasnt true. But i want to try and check for the harness in the door. Thank you for the help.
    Iamscotticus ·
    I don't want to put this on your thread.
    Think about this..
    If you put a valve on your can, if it gets clogged and you don't drain, your can may fill up.
    good thing you have the glass filter, you will catch it, but probably long after the adverse condition is created.
    This is why I took my valve off.

    16WhiteColly · ·
    When you say valve are you talking about the check valve that came with the catch can? If so, I did not install that, just put the clear fuel filter in its place so I can see if oil is getting past the CC, if so, it is still entering the intake.
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